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iron man icons

Iron Man Icons
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iron man icons
This community is for exactly what the name implies. Icons and graphics relating to Iron Man. Its created with the new 2008 movie (and sequels) in mind (Robert Downey Jr. ♥) but you are more than welcome to include icons from any animated features or comics.

there are rules of course
1# No more than three icons outside of an lj-cut.
2# Icons of actors ARE allowed but not in any other movie/tv role. For example: Icons of Robert Downey Jr. at a movie premier or from a photoshoot are ok. Icons of RDJ from Kiss Kiss Bang Bang or Ally McBeal are not.
3# DO NOT LINK TO LOCKED JOURNALS. If I see a post that says 'you must join to see icons' then I will delete your post. If you insist on being annoying with your graphics journal then make the post public for at least a week and then link to it.
4# Be excellent to eachother.

If you want to contact me or have any questions then please leave a comment in this post.

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